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Don't speak to the police until you talk to an attorney

You may think you have nothing to hide and no reason to hold back but self-incrimination is a big concern for many people facing charges or being questioned. When you feel you are going to be charged, or just want legal representation by your side, call Defense Attorney Paul Becker.


There's no way to know what the outcome of your case will be, but you can trust in over 30 years of experience to provide you with quality representation, even in difficult situations. Let me work with you to answer your questions and to give you options moving forward.

Find the defense attorney you need

Are you facing DUI charges? Perhaps you are dealing with assault, domestic violence, or theft charges. No matter what you are up against, you deserve quality legal representation by your side. Call Defense Attorney Paul A. Becker to be there for you.

Let me help with any criminal charge you're facing

Are you charged with a crime? Don't waste any time. Call Attorney Paul A. Bekcer to work by you through the process.

Get a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case. Have your attorney come to you!